This is a venture based at Higginshaw Community Project.  Muay Thai mainly uses Cardio and because of this it is also an excellent way of keeping fit/getting fit, toning up and for those who want to lose those few extra pounds.  We pride ourselves on keeping fit both school children and adults, and Muay Thai encourages self confidence, concentration and respect, resulting in a more outgoing and happy child/adult.  Higginshaw Thai Boxing's aim is to give instruction to as many people as possible regardless of their age, sex, ethnic, background and ability.  We have a young lad who is a 20 times Thai Boxing Champion and is only 18 yrs old and a young girl who is British Thai Boxing Champion and English Champion and is only 16 yrs old at the gym. For those to who are interested in competing or if you just want to train to keep fit, Get in touch for more information. 


​​​​Why not come and give Thai ago 
it's great for getting fit and losing them few unwanted pounds,just in time for the holidays and the beach.
come on what have you got to lose.

Gym is now close Wednesday until further notice.


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